I started my new chemo pills, Xeloda, today.  As I sat there and looked at the 3 big pink pills I had to swallow, I thought that these are literally a tough pill to swallow.  It is also a very expensive pill to swallow.  When Dan brought home the receipt for these pills from the pharmacy, the price for 120 pills was over $2700!!!  That is over $22 a pill, and I have to take 6 pills a day.  $135 a day!  How grateful I am that we have met our catastrophic out of pocket maximum for our insurance and they paid 100% for these pills.  I am so grateful to have good health insurance!  We still have to pay thousands of dollars out of our pocket each year, but I can't imagine how we would cope without insurance. 
     I am nervous for side effects, but I am very hopeful that these chemo pills will work, and shrink my tumors.  30% of people who take Xeloda have at least a partial response, and I pray and am very hopeful that I will be in  that 30%.  After taking 2 chemos that failed for 3 months, I really need this chemo to work!  I appreciate all of your prayers, support, and well wishes!

Carol Pyle
11/17/2008 06:04:41 am

Hello Dear Friend! I think of you often and pray for you always. Put your name on the prayer roll last week as I am sure many people do. I love your positive attitude and I admire your courage. I have not taken off your bracelet since the race. The light pink just seems to match, unlike my bright orange ones. Keep the faith....
Love, Carol
P.S. I subbed Becca the other day. A sweet girl you have and she's a smartie!!

Jamie Hadfield
11/17/2008 08:20:13 am

Oh Amber, bless your heart!!!!!!! I wish I could do something to help you swallow those GiNormous pills!(Word coined from my sister: Gigantic + Enormous= GiNormous haha.) I hope these pills help you, especially at the cost of them! That is ridiculous... honestly, somebody is making money off of you and it doesn't seem right. But anyway, my frustrations about the medical industry I'll save for another day! :-)
Just know that I pray for you EACH AND EVERY DAY. You and your family are a large part of my prayers. Love ya lots, Jamie
P.S. Glad you had fun in Vegas! I used to be in Vegas lots, and I miss going! Hope you ate some yummy food for me. By the way, what restaurants did you eat at???

Melanie G
11/21/2008 09:09:22 am

The price of those pills is ridiculous! I get tired of everything in the medical industry being so stinkin' expensive. Aside from my little rant, I really hope these are the miracle pills you've been looking for! Wishing you happy healthy days ahead.

11/25/2008 03:39:12 pm

I was on Xeloda last summer and apparently responded well to it - here's hoping that you do too.

Side effects were mostly diarrhea. No nausea. I did find them hard to swallow, and luckily they were paid for by the national health care here.

Good luck!

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