I took the kids to the park the other day, and I just had to share this picture of Ammon.  My children bring me so much joy, and the little things like this are why I keep fighting my cancer.  So I can be here for the big things, and also the simple little pleasures of life.  Just had to share!!!

On a not so happy note.....   Well, this is kind of hard to type...  I hesitate to share this, but I know this is why all of you wonderful people check my blog for updates.  Because you want to know how things are going.   This wouldn't be an effective means of updating if I didn't share what is going on, right?

I talked to the doctor today when I had treatment, and they are concerned about the rising tumor markers.  At first, they said maybe they would wait a month and then run the blood tests again, however, after the doctors discussed my situation, they decided that maybe it would be best to do some scans.  They want to see what is going on, see if the cancer is growing, and check and see if it has spread anywhere else. 

Regarding the tumor markers, I guess they have almost doubled in the last 3 1/2 months.  They went from 28 in February to 51 in June.  I asked the Dr. today if the rising tumor markers could be from something else, but she said, "In your case, probably not."

So, I will have a CT scan tomorrow, and a bone scan on Thursday.  I am not sure when I will get the results.  I was really hoping to not have to do tests again until after the summer, but I think it is better to know what is going on, rather than just worry and wonder. 

The doctors said today that the treatment options are to first change my hormonal drug from Aromasin to something else.  The other option is to start another chemotherapy drug.  Dr. Hansen said that he would rather wait to start another chemo drug, because he doesn't want me to run out of treatment options too early.

I really don't know anything for sure right now.  I am dreading the CT scan.  Well, not exactly the test itself, but the prep for it.  I hate drinking that barium sulfate.  2 big bottles of it.  yech!!!!  You know, the "berry smoothie" stuff.  What is even worse, is that I had treatment today, and I really don't know how I am going to get that stuff down.  I will just do my best.

I would appreciate all of the prayers and positive vibes you can give.  I know that they help so much.  I know that everything is going to be okay, and that whatever happens is part of Heavenly Father's plan.   If we never experience pain, trials and sadness, we wouldn't appreciate the simple joys and happiness of life. 

I am holding out hope that I don't have any new lesions, and that the rising tumor markers are just a fluke.  A girl can hope, right?


This post will just be a random list of 10 things that have happened in the last 10 days.  A readers digest version, if you will, of our lives the last 10 days.   I would love to add pictures to all of these events, but quite frankly that takes too long, and I just want to keep you faithful readers and friends and family up to date.

1.  I can't sleep at night, and I can't stay awake during the day.  I am tired all the time, and take a nap almost every day......  Sometimes I will lie down to "rest" during the day, and I end up sleeping for several hours.  I guess my body needs the rest.

2.  My kids have officially begun summer vacation.  We have survived almost 2 weeks.  I have enjoyed most things about them being home, but unfortunately I am the only person in the world whose kids bicker and fight.

3.  We rode the new Front Runner train down to Salt Lake and went to dinner at Tuccanos at the Gateway Mall.  Really yummy Brazilian food.We took all 5 of our kids with us, and they had a great time.  The little boys loved making "choo choo" sounds.  It was comfortable and very nice train ride.  Blake who is now 13 is now an "adult" when we go out to eat.  Good thing he has a big teenage appetite.  He ate, and ate, and ate. He said "This place should be renamed the man cave!"  huh??  What does that mean???

4.  We had 2 tadpoles.  One of the tadpoles who had just finished morphing into a frog died last night.  This froglet was my 5 year old Caleb's.  I was so scared to tell him, because I thought he was going to be so sad.  Well, he took the news rather well.  When we told him that his little frog was dead, he looked stoic for a moment, and then his eyes lit up and he said, "Do I get to flush him down the toilet!!!!"  a little too excitedly.  So he happily flushed the frog down the toilet and asked, when do I get a new frog?  I sure hope he doesn't act like this if his mom dies!!!!!

5.  We redid the floors in our living room. We tore out the carpet and base boards, laid laminate wood floor down, painted some, and it is looking fabulous.  We still have some painting to do, but once that is done we will get new leather sofas.  This is all made possible by George W. Bush's economic stimulus money.  So,  THANK YOU, George W.

6.  Saturday is mine and Dan's 11th wedding anniversary.  I am taking him away for a romantic getaway, but he doesn't know where. 

7.  My kids also have caterpillars that are supposed to change into butterflies.  I got these "nature science" kits so that the kids can do some fun learning during the summer.

8.  Ammon, my 2 year old went pee pee on the toilet for the first time this last week!!!!  YIPPEEEE!!!! 
I won't really push the pottie training until after the summer.

9.  Bekah, Abby and I watched the movie High School Musical 2 last week while doing pedicures and manicures.  They were FAB-U-LOUS!

10.  My tumor marker tests, which is a blood test that checks to see if my cancer is growing is elevated from what it was in November and February.  Could mean something, could mean nothing.  I will talk to the Doctor about it on Tuesday.  Could mean something, could mean nothing.  We will see.  I hate waiting.