I was so excited last week that I would be done with chemo, and then I would have a break from going to the hospital for 9 days.  I guess I must really love the hospital, because I just can't stay away.  I had to go have lab work done Monday and get pre-registered for surgery.  Then Tuesday I had an appointment with the doctor who will be doing my hysterectomy, and then I had to do more blood work.  Today I meet with the doctor who is doing my mastectomy.  And then Thursday is THE day.  I will be having a laprascopic hysterectomy the same day as my mastectomy. They need to get the ovaries out so they will quit feeding the cancer.  I need a sign that says:  DO NOT FEED THE CANCER.

I wonder if they will let me keep my breast in a jar, like they do with tonsils...  Or at least my ovaries....  hehehehe!  I will have to ask.l...

The thing I am dreading most is the bowel prep I have to do today before surgery.  A clear liquid diet only today....  What kind of last meal is that....  Jello and broth....... As if my nerves aren't bad enough already, now I get to be hungry all day too. 

I feel like Abby (my 7 year old)  when she cries and screams and kicks her feet and says, "It's not FAIR....."  I really feel like having a temper tantrum. 

I can't wait until this is over....... 

Steph Chase
10/24/2007 12:03:47 pm

Hi Amber,

I love your blog, this one really made me laugh! I love how you still have an excellent sense of humor, it is awesome!! Best of luck tomorrow, i hope all goes well!!!

MY prayers are with you!!



11/8/2007 04:48:28 am

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