I can not find the words to express the feelings in my heart.  I never knew a heart could feel like it is breaking  because it can't contain the love inside.  
     The Run 4 Amber was an overwhelming success!  The amount of generosity, love, and support was truly humbling and amazing.  Saying thank you just does not seem like enough.  Even if I were to stand on the tallest mountain and shout it out to the world, it would never adequately convey the gratitude that our family feels for all of the support.
     All of my siblings (two sisters and three brothers) are runners.  They have run many races including marathons.  Alas, I am not built like a runner.  However, in my life I have been running a different marathon in battling cancer.  My marathon has been going on almost 18 months of continually fighting cancer.  How fitting that a race was held to earn money for our family to go on a amazing trip and also extra funds that will cover the rest of our doctor bills from this year, and enough to meet our deductibles for next year.  The amount raised was reached  $20,000.  As we spent literally hours counting the money, we shook our heads in awe at the generosity and love and support.  We still can't believe it.  
   I believe from the bottom of my heart that we experienced a miracle Saturday in Perry.  First of all, this event was put together in less than 2 weeks.  And from the hundreds of people who came and ran, the beautiful weather, the generosity of the donations, the success of the auction, me having enough strength to be able to attend, it was truly a miracle.
   If the news and world would focus on the good things like this that happen in the world, the world would be a happier place.  There are so many good, caring, humble, Christ-like people in the world, and in their small way, they make a huge difference in the world.  I know that all of my family, including my extended family and Dan's family, will never be the same because of all the love and service that has been shown to our family. 
     A special thank you to Melissa Huntsman and Lee Perry and Jared Griffith and their families, Anytime Fitness, Getaway Today, Galactic Bowl, all who helped organize and advertise the run, all who donated items for the auction, all who ran in the race, all who donated and supported, all of the people who pray and send well wishes.  There is no way I can name all who helped, but know we are grateful to each and every one of you!!!!  God bless you all!!!  We have been blessed because of you all, and we pray that God will bless your lives for serving as He has richly blessed our lives by having you all be a part of ours. 

We counted more than 400 people who signed in for the Race 4 Amber.  Amazing!

Amber with the people from Anytime Fitness. 

Amber with Caleb & Ammon, and Jared Griffith.

Pinkyest person contest!  This was FANTASTIC!!!!

Look at all these cute kids!

These 2 beautiful albums were full of beautiful messages.  I cried as I read all of the sweet messages from all of the people who came and ran.  What a wonderful treasure!

These awesome baskets made the kids feel like Christmas morning.  They were full of fun Disney items, towels, blankets, back-packs, scrapbooks, and Disneyland passport holders!  Thank you to Getaway Today!!!  If you are planning a trip to Disney in the future, please show your support and use this awesome company!

This was the beautiful jar for runner's donations.  The jar held more than $10,000!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!

Amber with the beautiful scrapbook from her gift basket.

Dan getting ready to break open the jar!  How exciting!

11/3/2008 02:48:37 am

WOW!!!! Saturday was an amazing day. It was such an overwhelming sight as we walked up to the park and witnessed all the love and support of our community. We love you and your family Amber and continue to pray for you. Have FUN in Disneyland!


11/3/2008 04:44:59 am

I am so thrilled that the event was such a huge success! It truly was an amazing site to see the community come together like that. It just goes to show how many people love and care about the Chase family. It was neat to see you there. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you. I saw you were busy visiting with others and then the auction started and then we had to leave. How fun that your family is going to Disneyland! We continue to pray for you and your family.

11/3/2008 06:31:26 am


I am sorry my emotions got the better of me.(I didn't plan on shedding tears on your shoulder.)
I am so grateful we could come and take part. It was so good to see all those people there just for YOU! We would love to get together for a good ol' Sunday visitng and game night with the Chases.....when you feel up to it. I love you Amber!

11/3/2008 07:49:42 am

All I can say is AWESOME!!!

The Run 4 Amber was such an incredible day. I am so happy that so many people care for my sister and that so many people are so extremely selfless and generous.

Amber, you truly have touched so many lives. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to know you and learn from you. Look how many people you have inspired! Thank you for taking your cancer and turning something so crappy into something wonderful for all who know you or come in contact with you.

Thank you for being my sister and for touching my life and teaching me about faith and endurance every single day. There is no one else in the world quite like you. I sure love you.

Love, Emily

11/3/2008 01:09:39 pm

I would just like to so thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you who planned, donated and supported the Run for Amber. I was so over whelmed with love and grattitude for what I wittnessed that I could not even stand on my own two feet. I just had to sit down and cry my heart was just bursting with the love that I felt for all of you. What an amazing feeling that was, one that I had never experianced before. As I sat and watched eveything that was going on that day the thought accured to me that this is truly what Heaven is like. Everyone loving laughing and having a good time together and doing good deeds of kindness. No worries or cares just love and happiness. My mom mentioned that Amber lives in the city of Enoch what and a mazing community, Ward, and Stake. I also thought of two Hymns that evening as I was sitting home still so in awe if the whole days experiance. As Sisters in Zion and Have I Done any Good in the World Today. At the end of each Hymn are Scriptures that go along with them. I looked each of them up along with many others on serving others. My heart was filled again with love for each of you and the giving that came from your HEARTS. But more than anything the SMILE that you all put on Ambers face was PRICLESS. I have not seen her smile in the past few weeks and I have missed it so much so thank you for that also. Thank you for lifting my daughters and her families burdens. Teaching her children the true meaning of love and sevice and loving Amber and Dan so much. I can never thank you all enough. But know that I love you and apperciate all of you.

LOVE, Ambers- Mom

Kristy Edgington
11/4/2008 04:41:51 am

Saturday was so wonderful! We hope that you have an amazing trip with your family. We love you and pray for you.

The Edgingtons

11/4/2008 07:03:19 am

I really can not believe the money that was raised. I have run races and I exercise frequently but the feeling of this particular run was one I will never forget. As a sister it was so overwhelming to see all of the support there for you. It was also wonderful to see you smile. You were like night and day from Friday night to Saturday morning. I know you were blessed to have the strength to enjoy this day for you. We are so lucky to have a close family, but you are even more lucky with the "community family" that you have. These people were amazing to say the least. I just want to tell everyone who had any part in this how much I appreciate it. Heaven was literally shining down on everyone at Perry Park that day. This experience of service will long stick in your childrens hearts and minds. Thank you to all those that had any part in this, and especially to those that made it all come together!!

Amber's sister, Heather

11/4/2008 12:42:05 pm

11/4/2008 12:51:19 pm

Dear Amber, I am so glad to hear that you earned what was needed and then some. I have been so very inspired by you although we have never met. I wanted to give you a hug at the run, but I could not get my emotions together long enough to do that. I was very grateful to see some silly old goat bee lining it to the finish line to give me something to laugh about. I love you, and you are in my families thoughts and prayers. The run made a huge impact on my kids they donated their own money to run and my 10 year old, while we were sitting in the truck ready to go, said wait she had remembered where she had some more money stashed away. Thank you for the blessing you have been to us. -Natalie

11/5/2008 01:46:07 am

Thank You again for giving us all the opportunity to serve you and your cute little family! It seems small in comparison to the influence and impact that you have made in so many peoples lives. I can't begin to tell you how many little miracles happened on a daily basis in preparation for this event. The Lords hand was in the whole thing Amber. It is a testimony to me that our Heavenly Father knows each and every one of us. He knows our needs and the desires of our hearts, sometimes even when we ourselves don;t know what we need , he does. I am so grateful to know you, and to live in a community that lives thier lives like the scripture says..."Bear ye one anothers burdens." I agree with your mom I know that all of us that were at the park that day got to experience a little heaven on earth. I love you Amber and I will never forget this day!
With Love, Melissa Huntsman

11/7/2008 01:03:47 am

Holy Cow! We were so glad to be able to be a part of that just to say we were there was an honor! We love you guys so much and are so glad that you guys get to have fun at Disney! Thanks again for the example of your cute little family in our lives. You guys mean more to my family than you will ever know!
Much Love,
Tatiana Riley

11/9/2008 09:59:28 am

WOW! I have to say that the amount surpasses my expectations by several thousands of dollars! I am honored to have ran for you and yoru family and truly proud to be a member of Pery and for the chance of getting to know your family.

Brielle Fernelius, Amber's niece (posted by her mom)
11/13/2008 05:51:22 am

Today I attending PTC for Brielle and was moved to tears as her teacher shared with me an assignment that Brielle had done at school. The students were to "Write a story about something you once did that made you feel good about yourself." This was what she wrote....

I will feel good when I run for my aunt that has canser and I will run it on Saturday November 1st and it is going to make me feel good because she is rilly sick and cannot get out of bed she is so so so sick! I wonder if she will get better? It makes me so sad because she is so sick that she can't do enything she is so sick! by Brielle Fernelius (age 8) typed as it was written

Brielle was determined to run the 5K with me and her aunt Emily rather than the 1 mile. This was her 2nd 5K and at her pace we were able to finish in 27 minutes, which was 2 minutes faster than her first race. I was humbled to know she had been thinking about this event beforehand and that she was willing to participate and do her best. Children teach us so much!

bekah chase
11/28/2008 06:23:20 am

I`m so exited to go to DISNEY LAND!My parents just told us we are also going to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS and NOTSBERRY FARM. We go online alot and read about the different roller coasters, and they sound so fun. I`m usually a baby about going on big roller coasters, but I think i`ll toughen up and go on some big roller coasters. Even though I`m ten I still get really exited about meeting disney characters. Thank you so much get away today for giving us this awesome trip!
- bekah
P.S. It`s only 8 more days!

3/29/2009 10:01:24 am

I am so happy for all of you. God bless you!!

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