This Easter, I pondered a lot on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.  On Easter Sunday, my daughter Abby gave a talk in Primary about this subject.  She said, "I know that my mom will be resurrected, and that all of her scars will be gone, and her hair will be back."  I was so touched by this, and have since been thinking about that a lot.  As I feel my body getting sicker and sicker as the cancer continues to grow and damage it, I found hope!  Even though my body is slowly dying as the cancer ravages it, this will not be the end.  I will be resurrected, and all of my scars will be gone!  I will be pain free, and have energy again!  What a joyful thing!  I am so grateful for my Savior, and for His sacrifice! 

Spring is my favorite time of year.  I love seeing the flowers bloom.  In the fall I planted bulbs with my mother in law, and I remember wondering if I would be here to see them bloom.  I am so happy that I am still here, and have such delight in seeing my bulbs blooming.  It is a miracle that these dead looking bulbs come back to life.  As the days get warmer, and the rains come, they wake from their slumber, and begin to grow.  Their bright colored blooms also remind me of the resurrection.   When you compare the beauty of the flower to the withered and gray bulbs, you realize that that is what the Resurrection will bring.  It will restore the weak and frail body, to one that is bright and shining; one that is strong and healthy, free from disease.  Though my body is more like the bulb now, one day I will be a blooming flower. 

4/16/2009 05:50:30 am

Thank you for this beautiful message. I think a lot of times I miss what Easter is all about. This really helped me appreciate what the Savior has done. Thank you for strengthening my testimony. It is so hard watching what you have to go through, yet still somehow you manage to be the most shining example to me and everyone around you. I don't think I have ever appreciated the resurrection as fully as I do now after reading this. Thank you. I love you!

4/16/2009 09:36:28 am

Hello, I have tried to check your
beautiful blog site daily, You are
so amazing!!! My baby sister was
Dx with Breast Cancer Jan, 09
Just you keep hanging on to the
healing hand of God! He is always
there and able!! Thank you so
much for sharing! Love Maudie

4/16/2009 10:53:15 am

Abby's talk in Primary was really good. I got tears in my eyes when she talked about you and resurrection. Her talk was really good.

4/17/2009 02:54:32 pm

Amber you are a truly amazing beautiful woman. I know that you have your Savior beside you. Though we may not understand what you are going through, He does. And you're not alone. I love you.

Susanna Conti ( suzCa)
4/18/2009 03:36:30 pm

You write in such a touching, forthright way. Your are one very, very special woman. As a mother with a young daughter who fortunately only remembers the many surgeries I have had lately, I know the joy of having a gift from God to remind me of goodness and power of love. When I get the chance I will thank you (in spirit) from the other side. Your grace is amazing. May you continue to be inspired by love.

4/20/2009 02:16:22 am

What a glorious day the resurrection day will be.....I can't wait!
Hang in there!

4/21/2009 02:54:20 pm

Amber I love You!

Aunt Lori
4/25/2009 02:56:34 am

Amber, I think of you often and my prayers are with you. You are such an amazing daughter of God. I pray that armies of angels are surrounding you. Love, Aunt Lori

5/1/2009 03:38:25 pm

Amber, I was just thinking about you tonight. I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. You are a BEAUTIFUL person!!!!!!

10/25/2010 06:58:07 pm

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10/26/2010 06:35:16 pm

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10/28/2010 07:31:43 pm

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