Our sweet Amber valiantly fought the battle daily against cancer and most days won.  She never let cancer choke out her faith and love of others or her love of life's most important things.  She had a virtue, serenity, faith, and peace about her that caught the attention of many.  Ultimately she became a shining example to all of His power to save and heal our broken heart if we turn to him in faith. 

On Wednesday, October 14th at 11:15pm she completely vanquished the cancer and entered into our Heavenly Father's rest.  She endured to the end in faith.  She sealed her example and testimony of Jesus Christ with her very life. 

Our family will pray for all of our friends and family members who know Amber and will find this news difficult to bear.  Just know that you can face this how we all learned to face hard things from our exemplar Amber.

Funeral services will be formally announced tomorrow evening on this website.  We believe they will be this Monday at the Perry Utah Stake Center. 

10/14/2009 09:11:07 pm


I was sad to read this morning that Amber passed away. My prayers go out to you and your children. Amber is now resting in peace with no more pain.

I only know Amber through BCO from the IBC thread. She was so kind and welcoming to all new ladies dx with IBC. I wish I had the chance to met her in person.

You and your family will always be in my prayers.

With love, hugs and prayers

10/14/2009 09:46:11 pm

Please accept my condolences on the loss of your lovely Amber. I only knew her from her blog and the BCO website but I have been awed by her faith, love and charity. Despite her challenging situation, she remained positive and even was able to graciously and caringly respond to others whom she could help. Truly, she was a wonderful exemplar. Best to all your family.

Joan in PA

10/14/2009 09:55:42 pm

Dan and Family,

I was sorry to hear that Amber has past through the veil to our Beloved Savior, but rejoice with her and her party in heaven. She was a remarkable person to all who knew her.

May the gentle hand of God touch your hearts with peace.

With Love and Sympathy,
Paul and Marshelle

10/14/2009 10:18:52 pm

We've kept track of Amber. We log in everyday, but do not leave a mesage because there are no words that can express our love for our sister. Now she is happy. Able to do what she wanted, serve her family in a different capacity. I am reminded of Elder Wirthlin's talk Sunday Will Come. I am excited for the day when we see Amber again and embrace in an eternal hug. We love you very much and pray for your family.
The Lugo Family

Pamela in North Carolina
10/14/2009 10:24:19 pm

I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. I wish I could have had the opportunity to meet Amber. Her faith and your family's faith are a source of inspiration to all of us suffering from breast cancer.

Pamela from North Carolina

Richard & Susan Harding
10/14/2009 10:33:48 pm

Dan, children & Monson family....
We are very sorry about Amber's passing.
We are grafeful to have known her in her youth....we will always love and remember her.
We pray that all of you will be blessed and comforted during this time...Love, Richard & Susan Harding

10/14/2009 10:36:03 pm

Dear Dan,
I am so sorry for your loss. Amber was an amazing women. Even though I never met her in person I feel I knew her through her blog.
She gave so much to so many people around the world teaching us all of her trials and triumphs.

May God continue to hold your family in the palm of his hands as Amber willl be with all of you forever.

Deepest Sympathies from the Jersey Shore
Vita Jankowski

Tommy Babcock
10/14/2009 10:44:39 pm

You do not know me but Amber was a teenage friend of mine. A couple of month ago I ran into Patrick and he told me of Amber's fight and how she was defying the odds. It was a chance meeting in the hospital and he was so proud of her because she had been able to take your children swimming. For the past few months my wife Gayanne and I have been inspired by her words as well as your messages.Many of Gayanne's coworkers at Citi have also been following and were so inspired that they would tear up when they talked about her and her spirit being so strong.I am fighting a disease myself and she has taught me to appreciate the little things in life. I have referred so many people to her blog because of how touching it has been. This morning my wife asked if I had checked it the past couple of days and I had not. She just had a feeling and so before she just left for work we checked it and learned tthat Amber had completed her journey. Please know that even though you may not know me, my prayers are with you and your family. Amber was a hero not only to me but to so many people across the world even. Thank you for your writings and we hope to attend her services. God bless you and know that you are never alone.
Tommy and Gayanne Babcock

10/14/2009 10:54:44 pm

P.S. Dan please post if you family will be seeting up a trust for the kids as I'm sure many would like to contribute who can not be at the services for Amber.

Dawn Kern
10/14/2009 11:51:21 pm

Although I have never actually met Amber, I am a much better person because of her. She has been a great example of faith and testimony to me and inspires me to be better. I am amazed at your strength through all of this and know it is only possible through our Savior and Father in Heaven. I pray you and your family will have peace.
With Love
Jim and Dawn Kern

Kurtis and Nicole Koch
10/14/2009 11:54:45 pm


We are grateful for the oppertunity of knowing Amber and seeing her shining example week in and week out. There is no doubt that her legacy will continue on. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time and may our Father's love continue to surround and comfort you.

Kurtis and Nicole

Vickie Harkness
10/15/2009 12:20:12 am

Dan, children, Monson, and Chase families, all week long but especially around 10:30 last night, I was talking to Grant about Amber, praying that she could be released from all she has gone through. When the phone rang around 11:45, we knew what it was. I could not sleep all night thinking about all of you and what your family was going through all night. I know that your home was so filled with peace, but when the moment comes, it is still so hard. I asked Russell how Emily was doing and he said she of course was crying after just hearing the news they had been praying for all day but still, when it actually happens, it's hard. And then she said that they shouldn't be crying because Amber would be up in Heaven saying, "Why are you all crying? I'm happy." She celebrated life and is still doing so only in a better place. She would want everyone else to love and live life to the fullest as well. I'm so sorry for your loss but also celebrate her wonderful life. She was so blessed to have the family she was raised in, Dan, her beautiful children, extended family, and numerous friends and acqaintances who thought so highly of her. Again, how blessed we are to have the knowledge of the gospel, to know you will be reunited again someday, that she will be resurrected with a perfect body. We will be praying for all of you. With love, The Harkness family.

10/15/2009 12:29:37 am

I am so very sorry to hear this sad news.
You are All in my thoughts.
Michelle (UK)

10/15/2009 12:32:07 am

I just want to tell you about yesterday afternoon. I was privelaged to attend Blakes last cross country meet for the year. Blake has an obvious deep love for his mother, Amber. He was dressed in his usual purple Bees running attire, and yesterday in honor of his mother he wore a pink bandana on his head, his pink Run4Amber bracelet, he had pink breast cancer socks on and when he smiled , I saw that even the bands on his braces are pink! He told me "I am running for my mom today!" He ended up getting a PR (personal record) yesterday! It was Awesome! Thanks again for sharing Amber with us all she has touched so many people in so many ways! She will be greatly missed! With Love, Melissa

10/15/2009 12:47:53 am

Amber you have been an inspiration to me! Thank you for being a shining example through the hard times!

We will be praying for you & your family.

10/15/2009 12:49:55 am

We love and miss Amber...


10/15/2009 12:57:22 am

Dear Dan and family,

You and I have never met. I came to know of Amber and your family through the race for Amber last November, and have been following her blog ever since. Amber and your family has been such an inspiration in my life. Many mornings I have shed tears as I have read your blog. Amber has made me appreciate the simple things in life more and taught me to never take them for granted.
I, myself, lost my dad to luekemia when I was five. My mother was left with five young children ranging in age from six months old to ten. All I can say is how blessed we are to have the gospel and to know of the blessings of eternal families.
Thank you for sharing your journey and your faith!! Your family will continue to be in my prayers. May God continue to bless and strengthen your family!

Kristi (Chase) Neeleman
10/15/2009 01:11:29 am

God Speed Amber.
Strong faith to you Dan and your kids.

10/15/2009 01:18:17 am

Dearest Dan, Children,Monson andChase Families, I am so happy for Amber and pray for the comfort of Our Savior to be with all of you.We love you . We are praying for all of you.

10/15/2009 01:32:57 am

Thanks for the call this morning, I was not surprised after seeing and visiting with her on Saturday. I just wanted to let you know you and the kids are in our thoughts and prayers.
I will miss her!

10/15/2009 01:44:20 am

Let me try this again without hitting enter...
Just last night at around 9 PM Alaksa time I was talking to JaDee about the latest on Amber's condition. I am suprised by how much emotion I am feeling right now as I type this. You were very kind to keep all us who love you guys updated and "prepared" for this. My heart has been full all week. These tears are conflicting tears of joy and sadness.

Amber and I were pregnant with Olivia and Ammon at the same time. I was in the mother's lounge at church nursing Olivia the day Ammon was blessed and remember very distinctly his blessing. With all of your children at and around the same ages as my 3 kids, I am especially prayerful for them. And rest assured there will always be moments where I will think of yours and offer a little prayer that they may feel the spirit of their mother always near them.

love to you all
the moncurs.

Martha San Diego
10/15/2009 02:13:40 am

I have followed Amber's blog for months. She inspired me to take joy in the simplest things. I looked forward to the pictures of the family on vacations..the love you all had for each other was so obvious in each smiling face. She was truly a beautiful woman inside and out. Her BCO name fit her so well...Mrs. Sunneedaze...her strength and courage were amazing. Please know that her part of her legacy is how she touched so many people. God Bless you Chase Family.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

10/15/2009 02:34:16 am

Even knowing the time was close and that it was Ambers time to leave us (for awhile) it doesn't make it easier. I am sad. I am happy for Amber though and know she is whole again. Thanks for this blog and the experiences shared on it. My prayers are still with you all.

10/15/2009 02:36:41 am


I too only know Amber from BCO and thought she was a wonderful, kind, brave woman. She helped me get through radiation...I am so sad right now. I wish you and your family peace...Barb

10/15/2009 02:41:00 am

It's hard to come up with the words to say. Like another one said, we knew it was coming, but it still makes me sad that she is gone. I am sad in the earthly sense, but happy for her in the eternal sense.

I am wearing my Run for Amber bracelet today to remind me that every day is a gift. What a great motto she had.

I will keep you and your families in my prayers.

10/15/2009 02:58:46 am

Hopefully it doesn't post twice, but I don't think my last comment posted.

It is hard to know what to say. Like someone else said, even though we knew it was coming, I am still sad. I am sad in the earthly sense, but happy for her in the eternal sense.

I am going to wear my Run for Amber bracelet today to remind me that "Everyday is a Gift". What a great motto she choose.

You and your families will be in my prayers. Especially for your kids.

Jamie Hadfield
10/15/2009 02:59:00 am

I'm so sad to hear the news. I can't imagine how all your hearts must be aching! Upon hearing of Amber's passing, Jeff said, "She's having her party." I have to have faith that that is true! Much love, Jamie

10/15/2009 03:10:57 am

Just look at all of the people Amber and your family has touched so deeply. If I live to be 100 I can only HOPE to have this sort of impact on a fraction of the number. Amber's life, although far too short, was clearly a life lived completely. Full of life, faith, strength, courage and most importantly LOVE. The days to come will be difficult for all of you but you will get through them. I know that Amber, my mom and all of their IBC sisters will be watching over us until we meet again.

The Small Family
10/15/2009 03:44:45 am

Dan, we can not say much more than what has already been stated by some many of those who have commented but, please know of our sincere love for you and your family. We are heart broken at the loss of Amber but understand the physical hardship it has been on Amber to suffer on. We know she is in a much more peacful state now.

We have grown to love her and your family even more through her and your families shining example of faith,courage and hope. We are sad for you and your family and will always feel the loss of Amber. We continue to pray for you and your family in this difficult time for you. Please know that you can always call on us for anything.

Love the Small's

Karen Reedy
10/15/2009 03:57:38 am

I'm so very sad to hear of Amber's passing. She was such an inspiration to all of us on BCO. She offered comfort, support, and hope to so many when she herself was suffering so much from this horrible disease. It gives me comfort to know that she's now in God's loving arms. My prayers are with you, Dan, and your beautiful children. Bless you all.


Scott Chase
10/15/2009 04:06:46 am

Thanks so much for the call last night to let me know that Amber had passed away. I am sure that it was not easy to tell so many of us that news. I have deep empathy for you over the loss of having Amber here in this life. As I am sure all that knew her will miss her. But I also rejoice for Amber. She is free of cancer and pain they will never again plague her. I love you and your family and want you to know if there is anything you need any time of the day or night do not hesitate to let me know. It does not matter what time my work is very flexible and I sleep lightly so I can get to a phone without anyone in my home even waking. As always we will all be praying for you.

Love your brother,

Jim Kilburn
10/15/2009 04:28:26 am

Amber's battle has been inspirational to me on so many levels. My heart is with you as I think of the example she set, the example you set, and the love you shared with so many. My pink whistle with AC on top and DC on bottom is a tribute I can offer weekly. I know Amber is at peace, and wish the same for you and your family. I love you my brother.

Joey Henrich
10/15/2009 04:34:47 am

I'm so sorry to hear about Amber. I feel so blessed to have been her visiting teacher in these last months. She will always be an example to me as to how to deal with life's adversities with faith, love, and hope. I pray for the Holy Spirit to provide your family with comfort and knowledge that Amber is now healed and happy.

10/15/2009 04:37:00 am


I am truly sad to read the news but heartened that Amber is now at peace. I will never forget Amber, she was my and will always be my guiding light.

Thankyou for the beautiful blog and for helping all of us x x x


United Kingdom

10/15/2009 04:39:28 am

Sorry to post again... Amber I you will forever ever be in my heart . Always x

10/15/2009 05:06:49 am

I am so sorry for your loss. I will be keeping you and your family in my prayers. Take good care of yourself and your beautiful children. Always know that Amber is looking down from Heaven, watching over you all.
May God bless you all.

10/15/2009 05:27:20 am

We love you all. Your family is always in our thoughts and prayers.

10/15/2009 05:57:01 am

Amber was my first VT when we moved into the ward she was the best never missing a month. I was so sad when she was not mine anymore but now I can see that others needed her too. I will always remember the babyshower she gave to me for my little girl six years ago. We shared the same bithday so that fun. she will be missed. Dan your family is in my prayers.

10/15/2009 06:01:07 am

Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I don't know the right things to say or do, but the Lord does. So we will continue to pray for you and think of you and serve you. If there is anything you need let us know. Amber was one in million. She will be missed.
love, The Fairbourns

10/15/2009 06:11:29 am

My thoughts and prayers are with your family at this time. May you remember that Our Heavenly Father's love is for all. May you rest in is arms and be surrounded by his peace through this time.

My kind friend Amber: 'till we meet again.

10/15/2009 06:33:48 am

May God bless you with His peace. Amber is soaring with the angels today.

10/15/2009 07:37:22 am

Dear Dan and Family,
Heavenly Father heard everyones prayers and took His sweet daughter home. You are all loved by so many everywhere! I pray that all of our love will lift you during your time of loss that you'll find peace and be able to remember all the cherished memories.
As one of our other sisters mentioned....Thank you to all who showed so much love and kindness to Dan, Amber and the Kids. Your love and acts of service are truly a blessing to them and an example to all of us.
Love all of you!

10/15/2009 07:39:42 am

Amber leaves such a testimony of
faith and such a beauitful LIGHT
to the Lord Jesus Christ. My deepest sympathy in comfort of
knowing Amber is resting in the
arms of Angels with our dear Savior!

Vickie Harkness
10/15/2009 07:48:48 am

I thought of something else and when I saw that others had posted more than once, I decided I could to. It just shows you how much you are in our thoughts. I don't want to share the entire story because it was personal between sisters, but I know that Amber IS singing with the angels and a heavenly choir and that she IS close by watching over her family and will continues to do so eternally. There is s song called, "I'll Build You a Rainbow" that I'm going to get you a copy of. With love, Vickie

Jessica Holbrook
10/15/2009 08:01:03 am

Dan and Family,

My heart is "broken" right now for your loss and for everyone's loss of such an amazing, inspiring, strong, wonderful ANGEL of God. Amber has taught me so much in the few years that I have known her. I will never forget her or the WONDERFUL person that she is. Your family is so AMAZING and I can't believe how strong all of you are. May the Lord bless all of you. Please do not hesitate to ask for help with anything. Like others have said this is bitter-sweet, but we all know that it is still hard to deal with the bitter. Our prayers are with you!!! The Holbrook's

10/15/2009 08:09:39 am

We are so sorry for your loss. Amber was an angel among us. She is now with our Heavenly Father. I so enjoyed the time and converstationa Amber & I had. Her spirit and strength were amazing and I always felt up lifted by her. Dan, you and the family have been in our prayers for months now and will continue to be. Earths loss is heavens gain. I know Amber will be close and watching over you all. After my mother passed after losing her battle with cancer, I felt her spirit so close and still do even 21 years later. Stay close the the Lord and he will take care of you and guide you.

Love always.

10/15/2009 08:41:40 am

Dan and Family,
We are so sorry to hear about Amber. She has always been such a wonderful person both inside and out. She has taught us so much about love, faith, hope, strength and courage. Most importantly she taught us about the Savior and and the love he has for each one of us. We will always remember Amber, and she will always hold a very special place in our hearts. Your family will be in our thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.
All of our Love, The Holgates

Angel Baratta
10/15/2009 09:02:55 am

Dear Dan & Family;

Amber is with our Savior. May this help to ease the pain in your hearts. We will keep you in our prayers.

Angel & Joe Baratta

Tiffany Daines
10/15/2009 10:00:07 am


I just wanted to tell you, it was a privilege to know Amber and be her friend. She was an amazing person, example, teacher, friend, and neighbor. This has again, renewed my determination to live every day to the fullest, thank you for your example. You and your family are in our prayers.

Love, Tiffany and Family

10/15/2009 10:00:57 am

I was so surprised to hear about Amber' s battle with cancer these past couple years. I was a friend of hers in school, but had lost touch over the years. I've been in tears going back through and reading everything she went through. I'm so sorry for your loss, but I know she is in a better place now and no longer in pain. My prayers are with you!

10/15/2009 12:10:03 pm

Dan & Family-
You are in our thoughts and prayers at this time. We pray that you will feel the Savior’s love and be filled with peace and comfort at this time. Amber will always be remembered for the amazing and inspiring person that she was and how she fought diligently to the end with courage, faith and hope. What an example your family has been and is to everyone especially during these trying times. Be assured she will be missed but we know that she is now free from pain and suffering.

–With love, Todd & Roxann

The Bowles
10/15/2009 02:50:15 pm

Our thoughts and prayers are with you! We are so privilaged to have known Amber. She was and always will be amazing!
Let us know if you need anything!
Love, Drew & Kristi

Jennie Reese Moore
10/15/2009 03:38:14 pm

I was deeply saddened by the news of Amber's passing. She was a dear friend and I will miss her example. My the Lords comforter be with you and your family in this hour.

Pat Medell
10/16/2009 12:35:39 am

You go get 'em Amber. You were always so full of life and spirit. I will always remember you and hold our friendship in my heart.

To the family, I am sorry.


Quirl Family
10/16/2009 01:13:39 am

Dear Chase Family,
We are so sorry to hear about Amber. We all loved her and will miss her so much. We will never forget her or your family even though we aren't in Perry anymore. Amber was such an example to everyone around her.

Shayla Riley
10/17/2009 05:49:19 am

Dear Chase Family,
I am sorry to hear about Amber, but I do know where she is and that you will see her again. Thank you for teaching me-especially through Abby the importance of how each day is a gift, and that each day should be celebrated, as I was her student teacher in 3rd grade. Thank you for your great examples, and what you have taught me, through your experience with cancer and Amber. What an incredible lady, wife and mother!
I want you to know that your sweet family is in my thoughts and prayers.
Thank you for helping increase my faith, and importance of seeing joy in the little things :)
Love Mrs. Riley

10/18/2009 01:29:48 pm

Dear Chase Family,

You have all been such great examples to so many. Thank you for your willingness to post your life online so that thousands could benefit from your story. Amber is an amazing woman and I know that she will be doing 'much good' among the other spirits who have also departed this earth. How grateful I am for a loving Heavenly Father who made it possible for families to be sealed together for time and all eternity through sacred temple ordinances. I know that Amber will be watching out for each of you and that her hugs will surround you throughout the upcoming weeks. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Love, Ginger
Young Survivor Sisters

Ashley Bodily
10/19/2009 01:05:00 am

I am so sorry to hear about Amber. The first time I met Amber was at your parents house. I think we were both pregnant. I remember that she was so kind and interested in my life. We chatted for quit a while. She was very easy to talk to and had such a great personality. I am glad your family has such a strong faith to heal your sorrows. Take care. I will be praying for you.
Your cousin,

3/28/2011 12:14:02 pm

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