We are so privileged to see so many miraculous things happen because of cancer.  We have experienced many miracles, and another one happened at Christmas.  Our living room was filled with gifts from "Secret Santas".  My kids were so thrilled Christmas morning to see the piles of gifts so generously given to them.  It was a Christmas Miracle.  What a blessing for the kids to be given so much!  They have had so much fun playing with all of their fun toys. It was so fun for Dan and I as parents to watch with anticipation as each gift was opened, because we were as surprised with each package as were the children. The joy, delight, and excitement at our house Christmas morning was beautiful.  I feel so blessed to be able to be here, and experience Christmas one more time.  A sincere and humble thank you to the generous, loving people who once again so selflessly gave to our family.  
    Because of my health, I can not go shopping.  I don't even have the energy to do internet shopping.  I also would not be able to wrap Christmas gifts.  Having bags of already wrapped gifts delivered to our home for our children (and even gifts for Dan & I) relieved a burden that greatly saddened me.  I know there are so many more out there who have much greater needs than we do, and I don't know why we receive so much.  I only hope that my children are learning from all of you who serve and give so much, and that they will be able to grow up to be like you, kind and giving.  Thank you for following the example of Christ, whose birth and life we celebrate at Christmas.  

Here is an after picture, Christmas Morning. The kids have had a blast playing with all of their fun new toys!

1/3/2009 02:15:59 am

Miracles do happen!!! Everytime I read your blog I am inspired to do better. The life you live and the example you set for the rest of the world is nothing short of a Miracle. I am so thankful for your courage and your strength. You are deserving of everything you have received. You are Beautiful and you are a Miracle.. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Lots of Love....... Holly

Rita Fink
1/4/2009 11:50:12 am

In all of your pictures your children look so happy and well cared for and loved. You always put their needs first in spite of all your problems and I think you are a wonderful mother to them and that they are well aware of it. You are doing a great job and I hope you have time to make more memories for them. I have been following your story since last fall when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I think it takes a lot of courage to share your story. It certainly has been very heartwarming and educational for me. All the best to you. Love, Rita

Melanie G
1/4/2009 01:33:31 pm

I'm reading a talk given by Elder Oaks in June 2001. He talks about how many of the "small" miracles aren't recorded because they are so sacred. However, there are times when the miracles need to be shared and even published such as stories from the early pioneers. Your story is one of great faith and endurance. I'm grateful to you for sharing it here. Sometimes my trials seem overwhelming, frustrating, and I feel helpless. In my moments of weakness (which are many) I want to shake my fists, stomp my feet, and scream at the top of my lungs. You have taught me so much by your example and insight.

Elder Oaks said, "But the greatest miracle is not in such things as restoring sight to the blind, healing an illness, or even raising the dead, since all of these restorations will happen, in any event, in the Resurrection. Changing bodies or protecting temples are miracles, but an even greater miracle is a mighty change of heart by a son or daughter of God (see Mosiah 5:2). "

I know this is so true! The true miracle is how so many lives have been blessed because hearts are changing due to your example. I just want my son to be healed from his disability and I wish for your cancer to disappear. But I know its true what Elder Oaks says in his talk, "the change in attitude, priorities, desires, is greater and more important than any miracle involving the body."

Thanks for reminding me to look for the miracles in my life. I'm glad your family experienced this Christmas miracle. I hope you continue to experience many more miracles within the walls of your home. I hope you have a good week.

1/8/2009 04:24:44 am


you are an amazing woman. You have raised your kids well and have done so good to be so faithful through your trials. I am glad that you blog about your feelings and experiences. it has really helped me to re-evaluate my trials and put them all in perspective. I know that whatever the end of this trial for you, it will be what the Lord wants for you. You have been an inspiration for everyone who has had contact with you or your website. You are a great example to them. Keep up the good work and we are praying for you!

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